About Global Business Ministries International

Global Business Ministries Baker, Florida

Mark Stalnaker (Pastor)

Gbm Baker, Florida was the first local branch of Global Business Ministries to be established in the United States.

Mark Stalnaker has been involved with GBMI since the early days when it was still known as Global Ministry Resource Network (GMRN)

He went through our training at that time in the Prophetic, and is now completing his studies in our Apostolic School.

Here is brief testimony from Mark, explaining how the Lord has worked in his life, and called him to ministry.

Mark’s Testimony

At a point early in my life I was drawn to know God. I would think about him. I wanted to know him; not about him. I wanted to experience him and know who he really is. When I was about 7 years old I was in my bed just laying there. I was thinking about Him and suddenly I got a revelation of love being the most powerful force in the universe.

I ran out and told my parents. That was the start. I grew up Catholic. It  was always about God; but not being with God. It was traditions and rituals but not knowing him. I’m not bashing the Catholics; in fact most denominations are that way even today.

When I was 20 years old I was born again. I was alone with God walking through a field and I realized that “they killed God.” I was beside myself and I gave my life to him. I was different after that.  I wanted to be with him and experience him. Did I become religious? No. I was never religious. So I never fully fit in with any church.

Several years later I wanted the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I had a home meeting with several Christian friends and I asked them to pray for me. I was baptized in the Spirit. I saw Jesus at the top of a waterfall of the clearest bluest water and that water washed through me like a river. I was changed and soon after spoke in tongues. Then I started to flow prophetically and was not even sure what it was. Though I did not know it, I was entering my preparation for him to use me.

But I had another dream, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. I was a far from that goal and it was a long shot. I was an enlisted Airman at the time and didn’t even have a college degree. But the Lord allow me that dream and beyond all odds I became a fighter pilot. I would like to say that I lived for him through all those years but I did not. I always knew him and even sought him. I would drift off and on from church to church. I later read every ministry book especially teaching ministries and books about moving in the Spirit.

Then the Lord began fellowshipping with me. He wooed me toward being in a ministry to serve him. Then I started serving in a local church and was asked later to be the youth minister. I taught grace, the revelation of the new testament. The Paster drifted more and more into legalism and pressuring the people. Long story short, I was asked to leave. I thought,” Well that is it. I’m not religious and I will not compromise the message of grace.” So I let it go. But the Lord was faithful and continued to encourage me.

I did a search on the web for a ministry school and I came across the Ministry of Les Crause. I was amazed; this was what I was looking for. There was such an anointing. My life was never to be the same. I went through the Prophetic training it was deep and it was tough. So much was put into me and has never left.

But then I realized that I could not do what the Lord had planned for me. I ran away. I used to doing everything in my own strength and my own capability. After all, I have been successful in relying on myself. But I knew I could not move in the Spirit and anointing that would be required to accomplish His vision.

I gave up all thought of ministry and for 13 years I never looked back. I was successful in those years. Jesus never left me and he forgave me for walking away from the ministry. Throughout those years my wife would say why are you so restless? Why are you not content? I didn’t really notice it but she did.

So after 13 years the Lord suddenly had me thinking “Wonder what Les Crause is up to?” So as soon as I found him on the internet the Lord moved mightily in me and said: “You are what I say you are.” I was not sure of the reception I would receive since I had abandoned them years ago. Les was gracious and I entered the Apostolic school. Through this training, Jesus has just swept me up and the growth I have experienced has been breathtaking.

Because of Jesus’ faithfulness and the faithfulness of GBMI, I am on the path the Lord has for me. I am so thankful for the ministry of GBMI. Maybe you are restless. Maybe you ran away as I did. All I can say is Jesus will restore all that was lost. It is only a decision away.

Mark Stalnaker

Grateful Servant